Benefits of Using the IRIDA platform

Public health, food safety, and clinical microbiology labs around the world are modernizing their surveillance, diagnostics, and research programs to incorporate next generation sequencing and big data analyses. However, the bioinformatics skills and computational sophistication required to apply these new technologies are currently beyond the reach of many of these labs. IRIDA is a free, open source, end-to-end microbial genomics platform that enables multiple labs to work together to analyze their genomic sequence data in a secure environment, while shielding them from the scientific and technical complexity required to do so. While IRIDA is primarily designed to serve the needs of Canada’s multi-jurisdictional public health system, it can be used by anyone wishing to analyze microbial genomic sequence data. As such, there are many benefits to using the IRIDA system, which include:

  1. Secure system for data storage, management, and access
  2. Validated workflows and pipelines designed for public health
  3. Easy-to-use tools for data import/export 
  4. Automated quality control checks 
  5. Data sharing capability enables multi-jurisdictional public health investigations
  6. Integrated data visualization and reporting (e.g. line list, phylogenomic representations integrate user-selected metadata)
  7. Compliance with published best practices (e.g. auditability, traceability)
  8. Dashboards for quick updates regarding analysis progress, new results, and completed uploads 
  9. Workflow customization and automation
  10. Extensibility (e.g. collaborative development can enable instances to integrate 3rd party applications according to user needs)