IRIDA is the official bioinformatics platform used for public health genomics at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). IRIDA has been used since 2012 for national surveillance of foodborne disease (PulseNet) in the pan-Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network (CPHLN), and in other surveillance programs employing genomic epidemiology. Instances of IRIDA have been installed across the globe (e.g. the U.S., Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Italy), including a demonstration version currently available in the Genomics Virtual Lab toolkit (Afgan et al, 2015) which supports a wide range of clinical research groups across Australia, as well as globally. Potential users wishing to test the functionality of the IRIDA platform can do so in a number of different ways including a public instance maintained for demonstration (hosted by Simon Fraser University), private instance installation (requires a working and configured install of Galaxy), and install of an IRIDA virtual machine (downloadable, fully-configured virtual appliance).